Getting here

IERA is 20 minutes by taxi and 10 minutes by tramway from the Rabat city centre. Here's how to find the IERA.

Rabat is served by two major airports, in the form of Casablanca - Mohammed V international airport and Rabat-Sale International airport. Regular flights are available from a huge number of European and International cities.

Casablanca - Mohammed V international airport is approximately 100 km away from Rabat, and is well served by train and taxis. The cost is approximately (10 Euros) from the airport to Rabat city by train and (100 euros) by Taxi. For more information about the train schedule, visit the oncf website.

Rabat-Sale International airport is approximately 10 km away from Rabat (IERA) and is well served by taxis. The cost is approximately (10 euros) from the airport to the major location in Rabat city.

IERA is 5 minutes by taxi from the railway station (Rabat Agdal), or a pleasant 15 minutes walk.

It is also possible to get in Rabat by car. RabatMorocco. is linked to the major Highways. There aren't many problems with driving a car in The speed limit in town is 60km/hour and outside town on the highways (autoroutes) it is 120km/hour, and 100km/hour otherwise. By law all drivers and passengers are required to wear seatbelts. However you should be careful of driving at night. It is legal to drive without lights at up to 20km/hour and there are many cyclists, animals and hikers at night. There are many car rental depots, though you should have insurance and they are expensive. The petrol prices in Morocco are also fairly high.

Parking is available on campus, it is free. Please come to the main entrance.

Visa Information and Requirements

Most of the European and North American nationalities do not need a visa to travel to Morocco. The complete list of nationalities exempted from a visa can be found in the link www.maec.gov.ma. Other nationalities have to arrange for their visas through the Moroccan Embassy in their country.

In order to obtain a Visa, the organizers will be glad to assist you with an official invitation letter, or other needed documents, provided we receive request (including passport number) before (date not defined yet).

For more information, visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Morocco web site: www.maec.gov.ma


Rabat is the second biggest city after Casablanca. It is famous for all the historical monuments in the Kingdom and the luxurious carpets and rich embroidery. A good thing about Rabat is that you can easily explore the city on your own without the help of a guide. This gives you time to chat with locals in the cafes who do not depend on the money of the tourists.

Things to See & Do

The Medina

Rabat's Medina is all there was before the French arrived in 1912 it's a dense sector that is nestled between the sea and the river with stone and white washed buildings.

Archaeological Museum

Rabat's Archeological Museum is probably the most important in Morocco. It hosts an exceptional collection of roman-era bronzes. Descriptions are in French and the museum guide will also be glad to give you a tour in French.


The Palace Museum

The palace itself was built in the seventeen century and is home to exhibitions of Moroccan arts and culture that are usually very fascinating.

The Andalusian Gardens

The Andalusian Gardens surround the Palace Museum and were constructed in the twentieth century by the French. It is the meeting place for woman on Friday and Sunday afternoons and is filled with the lovely scents of trees, bougainvillea, herbs and flowers.


For a capital city, Rabat is very quiet and offers a number of excellent restaurants, clubs and pubs. The Medina is home to a few very good cafe-restaurants. The restaurants here are moderately priced and inexpensive. In the Ville Nouvelle you will find a fine selection of Moroccan and French restaurants for five-star cuisine and also a few Oriental Restaurants for a change in cuisine.

Getting Around

With the city centre of Rabat being very compact, all the points of interest are in walking distance. Local Bus services can be very useful and they are marked very clearly. Petit and Grands taxis can be found at the airport, the train station and at Boulevard Hassan. Take note that Petit taxis are not authorized to operate between Rabat and Sale.

Rabat Ville's main train station is right in the middle of the Ville Nouvelle, just a few minutes walk to most of the hotels, so it is best to arrive in Rabat by train. There is even a bureau de change and a car rental office on the station platform. The main bus terminal is situated in Place Zerktouni - three kilometers west of the centre by the road intersection for Casablanca and Beni Mellal Grand taxis from Casablanca and Fez will drop you off at the main bus station. Rabat's airport is seven kilometers km north of Rabat and grand taxis are the only public transport operating from here. It isn't difficult to catch one.